Fragrant Waters

Why is our product called Fragrant Water?

Because, you can smell an herbal fragrance prior to tasting it on your palate.

We have three unique flavors, Raw Cinnamon, Vanilla Love, and Organic Lavender Fresh. Each water is comprised of only two ingredients. With zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium, and zero fat, we use only NATURAL ingredients and NO extracts; this is why we have such a beautifully delicious tint of color in our waters.

There are a plethora of ways to enjoy our “Fragrant Water” besides sipping on a naturally refreshing and delectable beverage. Fragrant Water may be substituted for dairy and sugar in desired meals or baked deserts. For example, Raw Cinnamon coupled with organic oats for breakfast, or our Vanilla Love substituted for dairy in small cakes or cookies. Also, be sure to use our waters for the base of your smoothie with fresh fruit, it’s amazing with no extra calories or sugars from juice or milk products. You can even create delicious tea or coffee without adding flavored creamer or half and half. So, whether you want to enjoy Fragrant Water by itself daily or in a recipe, you’ll feel a world of difference in living a healthier lifestyle.